Welcome to The Jewel Box Book!

It is the only book of its kind, and is the Definitive Guide to American Art Metal Jewelry Boxes 1900-25. This is a complete history and collector’s guide to the beautiful art metal Jewel Box (Jewel Casket, Trinket Box, Jewelry Box) that once adorned the American woman’s dressing table during the early 1900’s. 208 pages. Over 500 beautiful color photos. Fine quality printing and binding. A valuable resource for the collector and antique dealer. Included in this book: Styles such as Art Nouveau, Victorian, Rococo, Revival, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, pictured. Floral Motifs and motifs like Cherubs, Cupid, American Colonial, Birds, Bees, Peacocks, Hearts, Religious, Dutch, and more are also pictured. Metal Composition and Finishes described, including Bas-Relief, Silver, Bronze, Ormolu, Antique Ivory. Silk and velvet linings. From manufacturer to market, including Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights. Sample Trade Catalog pages (Sears, Montgomery Ward, Marshall Field, Macy’s, Baird North and others) with Jewel Boxes pictured. Manufacturers, including N.B. Rogers, Brainard & Wilson B&W, Benedict, Benedict Proctor, P. A. Coon, Kronheimer & Oldenbusch (K&O), Weidlich Brothers, Jennings Brothers, The Art Metal Works, Anchor Silver Plate Company, and more. A special section about imported German jewel boxes. Hundreds of Jewel Boxes Identified by manufacturer and dated. A guide to dating Jewel Boxes lacking a manufacturer’s trademark is included, a complete reprint of 1883 Collier’s Victorian “Language of Flowers” dictionary, and Value Guide.  208 pages, fine quality printing and over 500 color photos.