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SHOPPING FUN in the “early days.”   With the development of a Middle Class in 1900 America, also came some discretionary funds for family spending. And the end of the 1800’s saw the creation of the Montgomery Ward and Sears & Roebuck catalogs and others soon after. So, browsers could merely “turn the page” to shop for necessities as well as discover items which they found appealing. Enter the jewel box, casket, trinket box, pictured as early as 1905 in Macy’s catalog. THE JEWEL BOX BOOK shows pages of jewel boxes in seventeen catalogs, 1905-1915: size, finish, price, etc. specified. The past brought forward to the present–Today’s opportunity for discovery and identification.

SHOP NOW,  THE JEWEL BOX BOOK pictures and describes Art Nouveau, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, and Revival Period jewel boxes, and provides easy reference for the spellbound collector or charmed novice.  Over 500 rich color photos accompany this fascinating 208-pages narrative about the history, motifs, composition, and sales of jewel boxes manufactured in America between 1900-1925+. Value Guide. Fine quality printing and binding.contactBkg-logo

EVERY PURCHASE of The Jewel Box Book includes:  by Steven P. Pody, Master collector (refinisher and restorer) of more than 950 Nouveau Jewel Boxes. He co-authored the Collectors Journal article, “Nouveau Jewelry Boxes Portray Spring Floral Fantasies” with Joanne Wiertella. He is also Author of the The Panoptikon: An Adventure of Poetic Thought….

  • And one FREE jewelry box valuation by Joanne V. Wiertella

THE JEWEL BOX BOOK: The Definitive Guide to American Art Metal Jewelry Boxes 1900-1925

Hardcover    ISBN    0-9763710-0-6     $42ea

Softcover      ISBN    0-9763710-1-4     $30ea   (fold-in flaps for durability)

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