Jewel Box Manufacturers

Anchor Silver Plate Co., St. Paul, MN 1898-1905

Anchor SP Co Ad 1905

The Art Metal Works, Newark, N.J.

Louis V. Aronson, inventor of a valuable metal plating process and industrialist, founded The Art Metal Works in 1897. His career extended over 30 years, a self-made master of the subjects of metallurgy and the science of electro-metallurgical chemistry. He gained several patents, and retained as consulting chemist for a number of large manufacturers in and outside the US.  Art metal novelties manufactured include clocks, jewel cases, desk articles, smokers’ articles, toilet novelties, vases, candelabra, electric portables, ink wells, and much more. Aronson patents included variations on lighting matches, which eventually led to the RONSON Lighter.   ADVERTISEMENT BELOW 1903

art metal works 4

AMONG the various enterprises connected with the industrial life of our city, prominent and commendatory mention should be made of the Art Metal Works, a concern which has been in active operation many years and has earned a most excellent reputation, and is annually increasing its output and extending its trade territory.

The factory and main office of the Art Metal Works are in Mulberry street covering lots 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. Here the spectator may see well-equipped quarters and find one of Newark’s busy and prosperous establishments. The New York office is in the Everett Building 45 E 17th street, and the Chicago office is in the Kesner Building, Madison street and Wabash avenue. A complete line of samples of the company’s output is kept on display in these salesrooms, which are visited by large numbers of persons.

Among the products manufactured by this house, the recognized leaders in art metal novelties, are clocks, jewel cases, desk articles, smokers’ articles, toilet novelties, vases, candelabra, electric portables, ink wells, calendars, religious and church goods, frames, statuettes, thermometers etc. The entire list includes more than ten thousand numbers.

As the company has unequalled facilities for buying raw material and turning out finished stock, its products are not equalled for richness of design, beauty of finish, quality or price. All this cannot be gained in a year or two, but has come as a result of more than thirty years of constant effort to produce the best, to keep the price at a reasonable figure, and to give the purchaser goods in every respect as represented in the catalogue.

The man whose energy, enterprise and business acumen has developed this business is Louis V. Aronson, a prominent citizen of Newark, and a gentleman whose public service to the play- ground commission has been favorably commented upon by the local press. He is thoroughly identified with Newark and the city’s progress, and is one of the citizens who stands ready to help forward the various movements for the city’s good. Mr. Aronson’s career extends over a period of more than thirty years, the success he has gained in his own work, makes his ability as a leader and if opportunity affords he can doubtless prove to the public his qualifications for successfully filling other and more important offices than that of Commissioner. The Art Metal Works, of which Mr. Aronson is president, is capitalized at $150 000, and was incorporated in 1896. The secretary of the company is Alexander Harris, and the employees number from one hundred and fifty to two hundred persons. Fully 100,000 square feet of floor space is used…… Newark, the city of industry: facts and figures concerning the metropolis of …By Board of Trade of the City of Newark (Newark, N.J.)  1912.

(M. S.) Benedict Manufacturing Company, Syracuse, NY.

1910  Assyrian Gold, a new and original line of gold-plated novelties. 1911 Silver Plated Ware and Metal Novelties. The firm also made a variety of items in Karnak brass and Florentine brass.  1912 An extensive line of engraveable Oriental ivory. 1916 Athenic Bronze. BELOW 1912 ADVERTISEMENT1912 Dry Goods Economist pg 58We were obliged to call our twenty-one salesmen in off the road, November 1, and give them a vacation, as we were oversold. Our factory simply could not produce any more and there was no use taking any more orders. We could have doubled our shipments providing we could have obtained the necessary help. We were very conservative the spring and summer on our methods and our arrangements for taking care of the fall trade. When we did realize conditions, we found it impossible for us to fill our factory with skilled workmen, although we advertised in not less than a dozen of the leading cities of the country where there are similar manufacturers to ours. Everything points to a banner year in our line, 1910. We have not a shadow of a doubt but that we will have the biggest year in our history. The Benedict Mfg. Co., East Syracuse, NY. Silver Plated Ware, etc. Harry L Benedict, President. 1909 American industries, Volume 10, By National Association of Manufacturers (U.S.)

Athenic Bronze Goods for Stationers: ATHENIC BRONZE, the latest triumph of the Benedict Art Studios, was inspired by the classic decorative art of ancient Athens It embodies a rich, ivory cameo effect on a French bronze finish and is moulded in the subtle lines of Greek proportion which, without doubt, is the most refined and dignified of the various period styles of form and decoration. The subdued old ivory of the cameo on a rich French bronze forms a most striking and refined color contrast, thoroughly in accord with the mahogany and ivory white interiors of the modern home. In design, too, each piece is thoroughly in harmony with the prevailing styles of interior decoration Particularly appropriate is this new bronze for gift purposes. It is unique, distinctive and “different.”  The wide range of prices makes it especially suitable for card prizes, holiday gifts and birthday or wedding presents. Though new in the field it has already achieved an immense popularity and our sales are steadily growing. It will help your sales, too.

The line includes a large number of articles that can be advantageously handled by stationers. The numbers shown here include a desk set and ink well. There are, however, many others, details of which may be obtained from the Benedict Manufacturing Company East Syracuse NY. American Stationer, Volume 79, 1916

Benedict-Proctor, Trenton, Ont. Canada

Benedict-Proctor, 1913-24, was a subsidiary of the Benedict Manufacturing Company of Syracuse, NY. It was a manufacturer of silver plate, bronze, brass and metal goods, novelties, clock frames and jewel cases.  In the ‘20’s they were the largest manufacturers of Silver Plated Soda Fountain Service in America.  Canadian Factory: Benedict INDESTRUCTO Silver.

Benedict Mfg Co East Syracuse NY Filed March 9, 1921 INDESTRUCTO Trade mark consists of the word Indestructo. Particular description of goods: Silver Plated Table Ware and Articles Plated with Precious Metal as Follows: Trays Cups Pitchers Small Pots Bowls Spoons Finger Bowls and also Silver Plated Cups for Soda Fountains. Claims use since on or about Jan 1, 1919

indestructo 1920

  1. Benedict Indestructo Silver keeps the fountain profits out of the rubbish barrel and into your bank account because it puts an end to broken glassware and paper cups. It eliminates chipped glasses and gives you a quicker classier service made of 18 nickel silver Sheffield silver plated. It will give many years wear and pay for itself the first year by stopping glass and paper expense. It is made in a handsome lustrous finish that does not scratch and is free from crevices that collect impurities. Meyer Brothers druggist: Volume 43

Brainard & Wilson Co, Danbury, Conn.

First Patent for Jewel Casket.  New York showrooms opened in 1908. “The line of samples displayed therein comprises many new designs in art and metal wares including clocks, jewelry boxes, candelabra, etc.  Mr Fred J. Foster, who was for about twenty years with Unger Brothers of Newark, is now in charge of the New York salesroom.”

P.A. Coon Silver Manfucturing Co., Syracuse, NY

In 1898 Percy A. Coon, was a Syracuse traveling salesman who represented the M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co. The following year, Coon alleged that M. Stewart Benedict of Benedict Mfg. Co. did not live up to his agreement.  Wm. A. Rogers Ltd. of Niagara Falls NY filed a complaint against the P.A. Coon Silver Mfg. Co. of infringement in 1911.  A short-lived and evidently troubled company that created interesting and beautifully designed jewel boxes.


Syracuse, N. Y., June 27.—A company have been organized for the manufacture and sale of silver plated ware and metal goods by P. A. Coon, formerly connected with the Oneida Silverware Mfg. Co., and H. N. Gale, formerly associated with the M. S. Benedict Mfg. Co., East Syracuse. The business will be located in the Hier factory building, in N. Clinton St. The company are now making up samples and say they expect to have five or six men out by July 15 for Fall business.
Mr. Coon negotiated for some time for the purchase of the Oneida Silverware Co. factory, but finally decided to locate the business in this city.
The Jewelers’ Circular – 3rd July 1901, pg 568

Extensive additions are now being made to the plant of the P. A. Coon Silver Mfg. Co., of Syracuse, N. Y., manufacturers of silver plated ware. Improvements are also being made in the equipment of the factory so that a capacity of over 2,000 pieces per day will be had. The plant is located at 135 North Warren Street. The Brass World and Platers’ Guide – July 1909

Kronheimer and Oldenbusch Company, 1899-1941 Brooklyn, NY

Manufacturers of Britannia Novelties, Hollow Ware, Copper & Fancy Metal Goods. Patents taken for Inkwell, Frame, Lady’s Belt Buckle. Advertised frequently in Jewelers’ Circular 1906-11+: Jewel Cases, Jewel Caskets, Trinket and Hat Pin Boxes and other Novelties, often made of Nickle Silver or German Silver;  Antique Brass, Butler’s Silver, Oxidized Silver, Rose Gold, Pompeian Green, etc finishes. Extensive lines of Souvenir Goods.


Weidlich Brothers Manufacturing Company,  Bridgeport, Conn.

Weidlich Bros. received at least 67 patents for their designs, many of which were for jewel cases.They advertised their various lines in the Jewelers’ Circular Weekly 1907-13+:  A 1907 ad was for their Original Swastika Souvenir Spoons, and from a 1907 sales catalog: “Very popular at the present time, the Swastika is an old Indian symbol for good luck, long life, happiness and prosperity, brought to the wearer by the four winds of Heaven represented by the four arms of the cross.” Parisian Art Silver, Athenic Bronze, Colonial Ware, Pompeian Gold, Sterling Silver, French Gold finishes.


N.B. Rogers Silver Plate Company,   Danbury, Conn.

 In 1885 Nathaniel Burton Rogers helped organize the Rogers Silver Plate Company and in 1886 he moved to Danbury to establish a plant, he being secretary of the company. In 1907 he was president of the re-organized company and also president of the Rogers Telephone Company, of Danbury.  N. B. Rogers jewel boxes were pictured as late as 1920 in Sears Catalogs.


Jennings Brothers Manufacturing Company,  Bridgeport, Conn.

Jennings Bros. manufactures clocks, jewel cases, candelabra, art metal items and silver plated flatware. In 1903, Jennings Bros. claimed Ormolu gold plate was manufactured exclusively by them and marketed under the trademark J.B. “Ormolu gold.” Bronze finishes were also produced  in competition with imported goods of French manufacture, and were sold under the name of “Nouveau Bronze” or “Art Nouveau.”  The company shipped to all states and territories of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, England, Africa, South America and Hawaii.