What is Your Box Worth?

Jewel Box Valuation

Over the years I have received numerous inquiries as to art metal manufacturer, date of manufacture, and current value of jewel boxes. Unfortunately, this has become overly time-consuming to research and respond to each inquiry, particularly since many of these answers can be found in THE JEWEL BOX BOOK–so I have decided that the time has now come to charge a small fee for this service. If you have a jewel box/casket about which you would like to learn more, I will be happy to provide you with what information I can for a fee of $15 US per jewel box. You should provide photos of the box (front, top, and open) and photo and/or description of any markings (letters, numbers, etc.) on the underside. These can be emailed or snail-mailed. I am not a certified appraiser. However, I do hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and have researched and published this first, and to date only, book on these beautiful American art metal jewel boxes which, I believe, assumes some authority. Payment of $15 per box in advance: cash, checks, money orders or PayPal accepted.  Please make check or money order to Joanne Wiertella, PO BOX 442, Dexter, MI 48130-0442     jewelboxbook@sbcglobal.net  If I am unable to provide any information, I will refund the charge.